Scanergy launches a beta version of aahaa, a virtual camera that can be used to present 3D models in video conferences as if they were real objects (www.aahaa.cam).

Scanergy launches a beta version of amscan, an app for mobile capture of objects and scenes that works on modern smartphones (www.amscan.app).

Scanergy launches a beta version of meshvalley, a marketplace where 3D models can be stored and viewed in real time (www.meshvalley.com).

Scanergy receives a grant of CHF 150'000 from the Wirtschaftsförderung Kanton Schaffhausen for the development and marketing of amscan.

Scanergy have ranked amongst the top 11 ICT submissions in the 2021 "venture.ch" competition, Switzerland's leading startup competition sponsored by ETH Zurich and McKinsey & Company.


Scanergy was founded with the vision of creating the world's first ecosystem for capturing, sharing and communicating 3D models, contributing to the Metaverse.