Our vision is to make a significant contribution to the “Metaverse”, the global digitization of all 3D objects

Digital 3D twins are the bottleneck in implementing technologies like 3D e-commerce and 3D recognition

Together with our partners we are developing a disruptive app for the creation and global marketing of digital 3D twins

We are Scanergy

Scanergy was founded in August 2020 in the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen by Josua Hönger, Christian Loos and Ralph Zahn

Ralph Zahn

After having devoted a large part of my life to the natural sciences with great enthusiasm and trying to understand "what holds the world together", I now dedicate my lifetime to disruptive technologies of our time which will hopefully change our society for the better.

Josua Hönger

Driven by curiosity, working on 3D graphics related topics has always been my passion. I love to push the boundaries, try out new things, and eventually turn my findings into serious business. My vision and role at Scanergy is to disrupt the AR market - all over again!

Christian Loos

I've always been fascinated with 3d graphics and rendering. For the past couple of years, capturing the real world has been added to this passion and the aim of perfectly reproducing it through algorithms is what drives me every single day.